My name is Julie Soderlund. 

I am 37.

I love God and my husband, in that order.

I have traveled the world and lived in three countries, but am a Californian at my core.

I have had a successful career in political and corporate communications (google me if you are interested in the specifics…not that you needed me to invite you to do that).

I like to run and practice yoga.

I cherish spending time with friends.

I find eating in great restaurants and drinking good wine to be a pretty enjoyable way to spend time.

And, I have stage IV malignant melanoma.

This blog is meant to be a space to keep the inquiring minds out there updated on my (de)Tour de Force (i.e. my fight for my life) and other random musings that come up along the way.

Thanks for your interest and your comments. Please keep it all respectful and please excuse any delays in responding…I don’t have a staff!