Hat's Off to You

I think we're due for a little fun around here. What better way to do that than a long overdue installment of Hat's Off to You. 

We'll begin with the winners in the hat category where the competition is always fierce. Since I have been so very remiss in posting these awards lately, the honors go to four worthy competitors. 

The first winner returned to childhood and the Curious George books with this lovely, foamy "Man in the Yellow Hat," hat. How could you not smile while wearing this gem?!

The next award goes to the person trying to prepare me for my coming days as a farmer, because I am sure that is what's next after I beat cancer. You know, because communications is like farming, just different. 

In another return to childhood, who doesn't love Mickey (or in this case, Minnie) ears? If you don't, you are probably not a very nice person. 

And, finally, we have an award for the person (actually several people) who took it upon themselves to outfit me for my next horseback riding experience with this authentic Spanish riding hat. For this one I had to put my serious face on, obviously. 

The award for the "most encouraging daily reminder not to lose hope" goes to the person who sent me this Keep Collective bracelet. I absolutely love it and wear it pretty much all the time! 


Last, but certainly not least, in the category of "most useful gift", the award goes to the person who gave me the blanket featured below. I use this blanket, which is the softest I've ever owned, literally every day.