Hat's Off To You!

In the spirit of not letting a blog about having cancer become too serious (ok, I know, it's serious, but we still have to have fun sometimes), I thought I would launch a little weekly series creatively named "hat's off to you." (h/t Erick Soderlund for the idea)

As you might expect, I have become a zealot about wearing suncreen (broad spectum SPF 50, reapplied every 80 minutes), UV protected clothing, and HATS every time I leave the house. Melanoma has a way of doing this to a person. 

As a result, members of #TeamSoderlund have taken it upon themselves to help me get my hat collection in tip top shape. So, I thought I would feature one of these hats each week as a "my hat's off" to you and your support.

I thought I had this week's installment all picked out until I got home yesterday and found a package on my doorstep. Initially, I thought the package contained my new SPF 50 makeup that, incidentally, I really hope will keep me from smelling like eau de Beach Club. However, it was this gem (featured in the photo below) sent by an anonymous member of #TeamSoderlund. 

Game over. Clearly this is the hat of the week. The photo, by the way, was taken as I thought about the prospect of a President Trump.

Can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to take credit for sending this item!

Anyway, hat's off (and this hat is definitely OFF) to you, whoever you are!