Hat's Off To You!

Another week, another installment of "hat's off to you!"  

Over here at #TeamSoderlund Headquarters I/we hope this is a fun and hopefully amusing way to express gratitude for the ridiculous (in a good way) and ridiculously humbling number of cards, postcards, emails, Facebook messages, tweets, blog comments and gifts (many in the form of hats). They are a daily reminder of the army out there fighting alongside me in this battle. #TeamSoderlund is, frankly, awesome and generous...I would get into a foxhole with you guys any day.

In fact, given the many creative and spirit-lifting expressions so far, me, myself and I have made the executive decision to expand "hat's off to you" to include other, non-millinery related items. I reserve the right to change the categories from week to week. And, in an act of benevolence, I promise not to name and shame...at least for this post. The rules may evolve as the environment changes...just like the rules governing GOP Presidential debates. 

So, without further adieu, this week's winners are ...

In the hat category there was really no competition this week ... I think the picture below speaks for itself...

#Fierce #GoBears #WellPlayed

In the amusement category, the win goes to a good friend who decided I needed a little flashback to childhood for truly quality entertainment. 

Let's be honest, Atari was rad in the early 1980s and it's still rad in 2015. 

#Astroids #TeamSoderlund #HealthyCompetition #AwesomeGraphics

Finally, in the "you just made me laugh, hard, and what you sent is appropriate for public consumption" category is this lovely relic from the Carly for California campaign in 2010 (otherwise known as Carly Fiornia's U.S. Senate bid in California, which I had the honor of working on along with some of the best people I know).

Isn't she beautiful! 

This elaborate and decorative item was bestowed on Carly by the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce after a speech. She gave it to the campaign headquarters team for safekeeping and after the campaign ended it somehow ended up in my office. Of course it immediately became the office mascot, getting passed around on birthdays and other special occasions. When I moved to Switzerland I left it/her in the capable hands of other Carly alumni. Now they have been so kind as to return her to my care. I think she will look great in the Oval Office when Carly is its occupant. Until then, I will make sure she's properly displayed. A fantastic reminder of the good 'ole days! 

So, hat's off to those of you (you know who you are) who sent these winners. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and sense of humor...all of it is helping me navigate through these rough waters.