What Does It Mean to "Beat" Cancer?

My new friend Tom Marsilje who writes a brilliant blog all about oncology pharma and his own battle with colon cancer provided some great perspective on what it means to "beat" cancer in a recent post (using David Bowie as inspiration). I thought it would be worth sharing here since this is something I too think about quite often. 

Here is an excerpt that sums up his overall point:

I hope as many of us as possible can be medically cured.  For those that can’t, we can beat cancer in many other ways.  By not allowing it to negatively change us.  To keep living the best life we can, on our own terms, for as physically long as we can.

My sentiments exactly! If my cancer cannot be medically put at bay, I fully intend not to waste the time that's left and, to the extent it's possible, to go out on my own terms, with a smile on my face. 

You can read Tom's full blog post here