Not So Super Results

Well, Super Tuesday has come and gone. As many mourn the success of a certain orange tinted reality television personality gaining more ground on the road to the GOP nomination, I am mourning my own test results. To put it simply, the cancer is spreading quickly throughout my body. 

My doctor is putting me back on the same immunotherapy drugs I was on a couple of months ago. These are the drugs that stopped the growth of the cancer back in December. I start tomorrow with this treatment. Outside of that it's all about prayer at this point. 

I asked how long I have to live if this course of treatment doesn't do what it did last time and the answer was "weeks to months." Not long. 

Needless to say I am sad and scared. Erick and I are focusing on remaining hopeful that immunotherapy will work, spending as much time together as we can and on getting all of our affairs in order. I am not sure what else to do in light of this news.

What I do know is that while this is not so super, God can supersede any set of circumstances. This is the hope that my heart is clinging to now more than ever. Thank you for your prayers as we navigate these uncharted waters. #TeamSoderlund is strong and still in the fight.